LOPD COVID-19 Statement

The LOPD administration is concerned about the health and safety of our employees and clients. We are actively working with our partners in the justice system to create procedures to limit potential exposure to the coronavirus while also fulfilling our mission to our clients. Please refer to

LOPD vaccination, testing and masking requirements plan 5.1.1,

LOPD restoring client services and COVID-19 vaccination and testing requirements 5.2. and the LOPD Coronavirus Response Plan 1.3 for our current plans, which will be updated as needed.

The department encourages employees to self-monitor for signs and symptoms of COVID-19. Employees who suspect possible exposure, are sick or experiencing symptoms of COVID-19, must immediately contact their physician, inform the Department of Health, their immediate supervisor, and LOPD-HR. The state Department of Health coronavirus hotline is (855)-600-3453. If you feel like you are at high risk for this infection or have been exposed, please contact the Department of Health, and notify your supervisor immediately.

Please stay informed by visiting the following websites:

-Policies for the Prevention and Control of COVID-19 in NM

-Click here for the latest CDC Update

-Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and Prevention

-World Health Organization (WHO)


-COVID-19 US Tracker

-COVID-19 Global Tracker

The New Mexico Department of Health is the lead agency for the statewide coronavirus response. Community members are encouraged to visit NMDOH and follow NMDOH on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter for the latest information.

LOPD vaccination, testing and masking requirements plan 5.1.1.

LOPD restoring client services and COVID-19 vaccination and testing requirements 5.2.

Chief Public Defender Safe Workplace Directive

LOPD Coronavirus Response Plan 1.3

LOPD Memo to Provide Direction to Managers When Positive COVID-19 Test

LOPD HR Department Office Telework Agreement 07.15.21

DOH Public Health Order April 6, 2020

SONM Executive Order 2021-046

SONM Executive Order 2020-022

LOPD Coronavirus FAQ's

Resolution of the Public Defender Commission Concerning Protection of the Health, Safety and Rights of all New Mexicans

CDC Handwashing Tips

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